View of the Undercliffe Cemetery Promenade

Schools and Educational Resources

Undercliffe Cemetery Charity is very keen to work with Schools and other educational establishments. We want to share with you the important and fascinating history of the Cemetery and what it can tell us about the rich history of Bradford and its people.

In this section of the Website you will find documents and resources we hope will be useful to teachers and students from both Primary and Secondary Schools.

There are also many ideas and opportunities for learning activities with children in the Foundation stage.

We can offer guided tours for school groups tailored to your specific needs and the time available. Please visit Talks and Tours for more information on guided tours.

Please note that the Bradford Industrial Museum is only 0.3 miles away from Undercliffe Cemetery. Why not combine a visit to Undercliffe Cemetery with a visit to the Industrial Museum? There are many potential learning links and cross references between the two facilities when exploring the history of the textile industry and other aspects of life in Victorian Bradford.

Please explore the following links for different aspects of the history of our culture and society and for a range of possible activities:

Important Safety Information

It is important for visitors and tour leaders to be aware of Health and Safety considerations during a visit to the Cemetery.

Over the years many of the older graves have sunk or partially collapsed as the earth has settled. In addition, some areas of the cemetery are not maintained on a regular basis and so have been colonised by thick ground cover vegetation such as bramble and couch grass.

This means there are a range of hazards that might be encountered around the site including fallen or cracked stonework or masonery, hidden obstacles, slippery surfaces, insect nests, animal hides, fallen branches and so on.

In addition, it is also important that visitors do not lean against, push or otherwise touch any of the monumental stone work in the cemetery.

There is a maintained network of tarmaced and grassed paths around and through the site and visitors are strongly recommended to stick to these paths. Visitors are asked to consider the health and safety hazards involved in leaving the maintained pathways.

The Charity advises visitors to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for your visit.

A Message for Dog Owners

Dogs are very welcome at Undercliffe Cemetery. We ask that dog owners do not allow their dogs to walk over or foul graves and for this reason request that dogs are kept on a lead at all times. Please also respect the Cemetery and our volunteer workers by ensuring that dog mess is bagged and binned during your visit.


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Glossary of Terms
Historical Maps 1834 – 1912
Symbolism in Funerary Art
Overseas Inscriptions
Monument Recording Sheet
Minibeast Recording Sheet
Undercliffe Cemetery Wildlife

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Public Health Issues in the Victorian Era
Infant Mortality in the Victorian Era
Undercliffe Cemetery Survey Sheet
Monument Styles in Undercliffe Cemetery
The Victorian Funeral

Interactive Trails

Trades and Professions

The following are coming soon...
Some Prominent Bradford Families
Textile History
Military History