View of the Undercliffe Cemetery Promenade


Regulations apply to the erection of memorials at Undercliffe Cemetery.

A copy of the Regulations can be downloaded here Regulations Governing the Erection, Placement and Dimensions of Memorials. Rules on the placement of ornaments and tributes on graves can also be found here.

Full details and dimensions of the proposed memorial must be provided on the form Application to Erect a Memorial or Place an Inscription.

These regulations also cover the addition of new inscriptions to existing memorials.

Once an application has been approved the Cemetery Registrar will issue a Permit authorising the planned work.

Work on memorials is specialist in nature and must conform to clear industry standards. For this reason only skilled Stonemasons are permitted to carry out this work at Undercliffe.

The Cemetery Registrar can provide contact details of Stonemasons who regularly work at Undercliffe Cemetery.


Please note that the law governing the ownership of the exclusive right of burial also covers the erection of memorials on a grave and the inclusion of additional inscriptions on an existing memorial.
If the Registered owner is not able to authorise the proposed work it will be necessary to undertake a transfer of ownership so that the Cemetery can make the necessary arrangements with the new owner.

The form for a transfer of the ownership of exclusive right of burial in a grave can be printed here Change of Ownership Form and must be signed by a Solicitor or Commissioner for Oaths.

Please see Fees and Charges for a current price list.